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Here at Consolekingz we stock ALL parts that you would need to repair a broken Xbox360 - Playstaion 3 - Nintendo Wii - Nintendo DS lite or Sony PSP, we stock new and refurbished parts. email us now details /prices...


We now offer a COOLING fan upgrade when your xbox360 is being repaired. Cooling fans can help prevent further overheating problems. They are quieter and over 70% more efficient then the standard xbox360 fan.


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Please select the console you wish to be repaired from the list below.

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Here at we offer a new postal repair service. How does it work? Simple. find out more..

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Nine times out of ten if your playstation3 brakes down we can repair it at a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy a new one. However on some rare occasions they can not be fixed, if this is the case you will not be charged. The only fee you would incur is postage costs.

The most common Playstation faults are red light/yellow light hardware failures and DVD/Blu ray Drive laser problems. find out more

   The great thing about console kingz is that you don't pay a penny until your console is fixed.

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